Darshan 2007


[The consecration ceremonies for the installation of the idols in the Divyayatan* Spiritual Center at Rajrajeshwardham were conducted over a period of five days from 24th to 28th January, 2007.After the dust of the event had settled down and the visitors had mostly departed, Swami Rajarshi Muniji entered  the shrines for darshan of the presiding deities, visiting each shrine by turn and in each case closing the door behind him for privacy. In the shrine of Lord Shiva, Lord Lakulish gave darshan again to Muniji (having previously done so in 1993) and the two conversed for some time. This is Muniji’s account of the event. Editor].

First I went to the temple of Lokeshwar Brahma and invoked Lord Brahma to forever reside as energy in the idol in the temple and concluded the yogic procedure for the installation of the energy in the idol. Thereafter I conducted the same procedure in the temple of Lord Jagadeeshwar Vishnu. I went lastly to the temple of Lord Sidhheshwar Mahadev to invoke Lord Shiv. I believed that reverend Dada Gurudev Bhagwan Lakulish would certainly grace me with his darshan on this occasion because he had told me when he gave me darshan in 1993 that he would give me darshan again when he considered it to be the proper time for it. What could be a more proper time than the occasion of the consecration of the idols in the Divyayatan!

This is precisely what happened at 5:15 in the evening on 29.1.2007. Lord Lakulish appeared in the inner sanctum of the Shiv temple and I was once again blessed to receive his purifying darshan. The darshan on this occasion was of a shorter  duration than the darshan of 1993. Still, I had a significant conversation with Dadaji even in that brief darshan and received his sacred prasadi.  I understand that everyone among you would be impatient to know in greater detail about this darshan. Therefore I describe this occasion in brief.

I experienced great thrill in every pore of my body the moment Reverend Dadaji appeared. This time my eyes were not blinded  because the brilliance of his Divine Form was attenuated and tolerable and I could see Dadaji’s  benignly bright form with ease. I prostrated before him to offer obeisance and thereafter feelingly said, “Lord, I am blessed today for I have once again received your Divine darshan. In compliance of your Divine command, all your devotees together have built this Divyayatan. Now I humbly pray to you on behalf of all your devotees that you may ever reside in this sanctum sanctorum in the form of your Divine energy.

Dadaji said, “Son! All devotees have together undertaken an excellent endeavor. I am pleased. This temple is most beautiful and grand. From now  onwards my subtle energy shall remain established in the center of this Shiv Ling in the form of five idols. Let all know my presence in the following manner:

Sarva kale sthitau  madhye, pratah poorvabhimukh sthitah,
Madhyahne uttar, pashchime sayan, ratrikale cha dakshinam.”

“I shall be established in the middle at all times. In the morning I am established in the form facing east; north in the afternoon, west in the evening and south in the night.”

I said, “Lord, through the construction of this Divyayatan dedicated to the three Lords we have made a humble attempt to reflect the principle of the oneness of God as propounded by You. Please mercifully guide us in case we have made any mistake in this.”
Dadaji said, “Since the one and the same Supreme Energy has been established in three forms in this Divyayatan it will become an excellent center depicting the oneness of God. The principle of the oneness of God will be well understood by all who try to understand this holy shrines with a fine subtle vision. Deep mysteries useful for spiritual progress can also be obtained from this shrine. The lives of all those who have darshan here even with their physical eyes and pray with offerings will be made pure and lifted.” 

I said, “Lord, as commanded by You, for ten years I have adopted the path of external endeavor and worked to the best of my ability for the revival of culture and ethical values. I now wish to revert to the path of renunciation and engage myself in secluded sadhana. Please be so kind as to permit me to do so.”

Dadaji said, “Rajarshi! I am satisfied with your service of ten years in the path of external endeavor. After this, you are free to pursue secluded sadhana. Nevertheless, make arrangements so that the work of cultural revival that has been started continues. Provide necessary inspiration and guidance to the devotees of the pravritty marg to carry this task forward.”

I said, “Lord, with bowed head, I make a prayer for my own benefit at your holy lotus feet. Please be so merciful as to forgive me if this appears improper. Please be so merciful as to give me your blessing that I may become a complete yogi and attain the Divine Body. If there is any discourtesy in this prayer, please forgive your innocent child.”

Dadaji said, “Son! I know that the goal of your life is to complete your yoga and attain the Divine Body. The sadhana for the attainment of the Divine Body is extremely difficult. However, if you remain steadfast in the face of all difficult phases and pursue your sadhana with firm determination, you will attain your goal. My blessings are of course with anyone in my spiritual lineage who faithfully pursues yoga sadhana. As an indicator of my blessings, I give you two mysterious symbols which are associated with my form. Consider these symbols as the identifying symbols  of my spiritual lineage.”  Saying this, Dadaji gave me the two objects and said, “Son! You will obtain the deep yoga secret hidden in these symbols, which will prove useful to you in your sadhana.”

I said, “I am blessed that you have showered upon me so much boundless mercy. All your followers will also experience blessedness by viewing this symbolic holy gift.”

Dadaji said, “I shall go now”.

I bowed and said, “Lord! Continue to thus bless this servant”. Speaking thus, I raised my head. Dadaji had disappeared within himself.